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Chemical analysis

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Aluminum is an amazing material. It’s lightweight, a good conductor of electricity and sustainable. Carrying out chemical analyses on aluminum is vitally important in ensuring it has the properties you need. 

A close-up of liquid aluminum from Stena Aluminium

Samples for chemical analysis.

Taking measurements from specifically-cast samples is the only definitive basis for accurate chemical analysis.

Analyzing aluminium pig or ingots will only give approximate results and should not form the basis for assessment of the chemical composition of finished products. 

The properties of casting samples used in the chemical analysis of our products

  • The height of the sample may vary depending on the amount of molten aluminium poured into the mold. The minimum permitted height is 45 mm. 
  • The part of the sample with the largest diameter faces downwards when casting. This ensures rapid cooling and that the surface we analyze remains free of pores. 

  • Milling the sample should remove approximately 2 mm from the part of the sample with the largest diameter. 

  • The three burning spots should be 5-8mm from the outer edge of the sample’s surface, at an angle of approximately 120º from each other, as shown below. 

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