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Let us steer you in the right direction. Together, we can find the right solution.

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Our expertise offers you security. It also saves you money.

With our experience and expertise, we want to find the right solution and materials for you and your customers. With us as a partner, you have complete control of your supply and resource planning. You can avoid the stress of unnecessary machine adjustments, material shortages for your staff and customers or needing to add machinery to your manufacturing process.

Close-up image of aluminium being poured into casts at Stena Aluminium

Don't aim too high. But never aim too low.

Get it right from the start. Share your ideas and ambitions with us. Choosing a major aluminum supplier with extensive experience is the safest bet. We can help you optimize your products’ capabilities, enable more efficient smelting and casting processes - and much more besides. From our wide range, we’ll find exactly the alloy you need. In other words, the perfect match for your applications, every time.

High-quality recycled aluminium from Stena Aluminium

Analysis. It’s important.

We can carry out a variety of material analyses - such as chemical, microscopy and solidity analyses.

In addition, we offer advice, ongoing support and training on every imaginable topic relating to . Together, we achieve efficient production of the highest quality.

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