Information about video surveillance within the Stena Metall Group

The Stena Metall Group ("Stena") has installed video surveillance at various sites and this information is addressed to whoever is located in places where Stena has devices for video surveillance installed through which you might be identified. Clearly visible signs at the respective sites indicate where video surveillance is in place.


Who is responsible for your personal data?

Being Controller for the video surveillance implies a responsibility to ensure that the processing of personal data is done in a legal and correct manner. Visible signs at the respective sites indicate which Stena company acts as Controller for the personal data. This includes the following Stena companies:

Stena Aluminium AB, orgnr 556039-3075

Stena Metall AB, orgnr 556138-8371

Stena Oil AB, orgnr 556236-0288

Stena Recycling AB, orgnr 556132-1752

Stena Stål AB, orgnr 556077-5925


Why do we have video surveillance?

At Stena, we monitor cameras to prevent and obstruct criminal acts in areas where Stena conducts operations and to streamline and secure production at our facilities. Stena performs video surveillance also to protect personnel and visitors as well as the company's property from crimes and accidents.



All individuals who are in a recording area may have their personal data processed by Stena. These individuals could be customers, suppliers, visitors, employees, contractors, consultants, surveillance personnel, security personnel or unauthorized persons.



Monitoring and recording of video in the company's territory

The purpose is mainly to maintain a safe environment for staff and visitors in real time, and to prevent criminal activity such as theft and damage. The video surveillance provides support in the company's preventive work against serious incidents that pose threats to persons or property and in investigation of crimes such as damage or theft. The surveillance also fulfils the function of preventing unauthorized visits in the properties as well as visual support for Stena's external alarm center. In addition, production environments are monitored to secure and streamline processes, for example to avoid downtime and accidents.

Stena's operations are also subject to a number of requirements from authorities, where in some cases there are demands from external part for video surveillance.

The video surveillance is mainly done with balancing of interest as legal basis. For security reasons, video surveillance is normally considered a legitimate interest according to regulatory guidance and praxis.

Storing specific recordings and events

As part of a police report or ongoing police investigation, specific recordings may be secured as evidence and forwarded relevant police authorities or courts.

Stena handles personal data on the basis of a legal obligation when we store and forward data, to the police authority or court, as part of an ongoing police report or ongoing police investigation.

Below you will find a summary table of purpose, legal basis and shelf life.

Who has access to the camera surveillance material?

Stena does not sell or disclose personal information. However, the data may be processed by Stena’s Processors, i.e. companies that Stena has contracted for security and surveillance as well as the operation of video surveillance systems. However, these parties cannot use the personal data for any purpose other than to provide the contracted services and only on the terms stipulated in the contract.

In the event that it is necessary, information may be shared among other companies within the Stena Metall Group. Data may also be processed by investigating authorities where there is a legal obligation.

Stena or our Processors will not transfer personal data outside the EU / EEA without taking appropriate safeguards in accordance with legislation.



Recorded material is stored on servers with a high level of protection of IT security and physical security with access to the material limited to a small number of authorized persons.


What right do you have according to GDPR?

You can read more about your rights in our Privacy Information, which you will find here.


Do you have any questions? 

You are welcome to contact the Group Compliance Manager at: 010-445 00 00 or email: privacy(at)

This information is updated 2021-07-12 and the latest version will be available on this site. Stena Aluminium reserves the right to change sections of this Policy at any time and without notice. It is recommended that you review this Policy periodically for changes.

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