Only measurements for specific cast pellets will be acceptable as the basis for performing the chemical analysis. Measurements on ingot parts produce only indicative values and may not be used as the basis for discussions related to the supplied material’s chemical composition.


Here you can read about the properties of the sample mold, which is used in the chemical analysis of our products.

The illustration shows the sample dimensions.    
Ritning på provkurtsens dimensioner.    
The image shows the design of a sample mold.    
Foto på provkokill    
  • Sample heights may vary depending on the quantity of smelt that is poured into the mold. However, the minimum permitted height is 45 mm.
  • In order to ensure rapid cooling and to eliminate air holes in the portion to be analyzed, the portion of the sample with the greater diameter must be turned downwards when casting the sample.
  • Milling of the product will eliminate approximately 2 mm in thickness on the sample portion with the greater diameter.
  • Three burn flakes are placed 5–8 mm from the sample surface’s outside edge at an approximate angle of 120º from each other. See image below.
Provkurts med analysmärken    

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