Successful Ministerial Visit to Stena Aluminium



Sustainability was on the agenda when Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, visited Stena Aluminium in Älmhult on 6 February.

"It was a successful visit with interesting discussions about various issues related to sustainability, including energy use, emissions trading, waste heat recovery and environmental investments. We also discussed the use of aluminium in society and trends that we see in the future. The minister also visited our smelting plant, where production waste and used products are made into new raw material," says Fredrik Pettersson, CEO Stena Aluminium.

The background to the visit is that the government presented a strategy for sustainable consumption in the fall. As part of developing and implementing the strategy, Per Bolund is visiting companies and municipalities that work in different ways to make consumption more sustainable.

As the only producer of aluminium with 100% recycled raw material in Sweden, Stena Aluminium is directly associated with sustainable consumption. Recycling of aluminium saves large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption is 95% lower compared with when aluminium is extracted from virgin raw material. The material is lightweight and strong, which contributes to, for example, lower fuel consumption in vehicles. The fact that the aluminium is produced locally in Sweden also means that we have better control of the entire value chain.

“As Minister for Consumer Affairs it is inspiring to see how the circular economy is growing rapidly and offers opportunities for more sustainable development,” said Per Bolund, summarizing his visit to Älmhult, where he also met with Ikea and Älmhult municipality.

“It is always positive when politicians and officials come out to find out about our business and we are able to share the opportunities and challenges of the aluminium industry. We are happy to share our knowledge, not least on these occasions where we have such a clear positive impact for our customers - and for society,” says Fredrik Pettersson.

Other participants in the visit included Hanna Begler, political expert, Anna Söderström,  press officer and Michael Öberg and Jan Fagerberg, local politicians from the Green Party.

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