New aluminium collaboration cuts both emissions and costs



More and more companies want to reduce the carbon footprint of their products. A new collaboration between Stena Aluminium and Comptech gives customers access to aluminium alloys with much lower carbon emissions and at lower costs.

Comptech's proprietary Rheocasting technology combined with Stena Aluminium's 100 % recycled aluminium enables gains in both emissions and costs while meeting customers' requirements for different alloys.

“The need for alloys with a lower carbon footprint is increasing as more and more companies are looking for ways to reduce their products' carbon footprint, while at the same time the companies' development departments need alloys with high mechanical properties," says Erik Petré, Sales & Marketing Manager at Stena Aluminium.

Comptech supplies equipment for so-called semi-solid casting based on their own process, Rheocasting, to foundries. Rheocasting achieves high mechanical properties and high thermal conductivity. Components made with the process offer several cost and environmental benefits.

“In addition, carbon dioxide emissions can be further reduced, from already low levels, by optimizing the alloying process. This is possible, for example, by working on adjusting the silicon content of an alloy," says Erik Petré.

“Our technology also enables casting with less press capacity for the same product size and thus also lower costs,” says Staffan Zetterström Sales & Marketing Manager Comptech.


Average emissions in Europe from primary aluminium are around 7 tonnes of CO2e per tonne of aluminium produced.

The average emissions from Stena Aluminium's aluminium are 0.7 tonnes CO2e per tonne of aluminium produced, of which silicon accounts for about 40 % of the 0.7 tonnes CO2e.

For more information please contact Erik Petré, Sales & Marketing Manager Stena Aluminium, +46 738 50 27 02 or Staffan Zetterström, Manager Marketing and Sales Comptech. +46 76 17 15 650

About Comptech

Comptech is a technology supplier to the foundry industry where the main products are machine equipment and know-how for semi-solid casting. Customers are major automotive and telecom equipment manufacturers. The rollout of the process started in 2019 and today the process is found on three continents.

About Stena Aluminium

Stena Aluminium in Älmhult is a premium supplier of aluminium alloys based on recycled raw materials. With our aluminium alloys, we can contribute to new products through the cycle that is infinite kanske through an infinite cycle blir bättre. Det beror lite på vad som menas. We supply aluminium alloys according to the customer's specific needs and assist with expertise through our 100 employees. Stena Aluminium is part of the Stena Metall Group.

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