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Stena Aluminium has been named "Best Supplier of the Year 2018" by Gnutti Carlo Light Metal Division. Gnutti Carlo Light Metal Division is the owner of the aluminium foundry Ljunghäll in Sweden and also has foundries in China and the Czech Republic. Soon they will also open a foundry in Canada.

The award was handed out by Ljunghäll's purchasing manager Catrin Loman.

The motivation for the award reads:

We look for world-class suppliers that are evaluated on the basis of quality, logistics, total cost, innovation and commitment. The reason you have been given this award confirms your understanding of Gnutti's expectations of a global supplier that delivers the highest quality.

This is what Fredrik Pettersson, CEO of Stena Aluminium had to say:
- I am very proud and happy that we received this award. For many years we have, together with Ljunghäll, built up a close and valuable partnership making our joint venture very strong.

Fredrik continues: 
- This is an award for all employees at Stena Aluminium for our efforts and our commitment to creating value for our customers so that we are and continue to  remain the customer's first choice.   


Picture, from left to right: Ola Manestam, Marketing Manager Stena Aluminium, Thomas Lavesson, Production Planner Stena Aluminium, Catrin Loman, Purchasing Manager Ljunghäll, Tony Lidberg, Sales Stena Aluminium, Anette Lund,Sales Support Stena Aluminium, Fredrik Pettersson, CEO Stena Aluminium


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