We have clear policies and conditions when we purchase annually almost 80,000 tonnes of aluminium raw material for recycling for our plant in Älmhult.

Large parts of the raw material comes from the Stena Metall Group recycling company, but we also cooperate with external suppliers both in Sweden as well as in the rest of Europe. To ensure our future purchases of aluminium raw material, we are always examining opportunities for partnerships with new suppliers.

We have close partnerships with other companies within the Stena Metall Group for the purchase of other materials and supplies..


This policy states that when we purchase goods and services we must give preference to suppliers that secure our acquisition needs continuously and in the long-term.

In addition, cooperation, competence and quality should be the defining characteristics in all companies supplying to us.

Our purchasing policy also stresses that all raw material supplies and chemical products should be handled in a responsible and exemplary way.


Consistent and clear guidelines for handling raw materials benefit all parties in the sector. This simplifies procedures in daily work and harmonizes relationships between buyers and sellers, sales companies.

Common systems for materials handling also contribute to avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings between professional categories. This is simply the case because it facilitates the dialog between all parties negotiating and communicating on material flows.

From a production point of view, clear principles for delivery and material disposal mean savings in terms of both time and costs. From a safety point of view, they contribute to allowing us to reduce risk and accident factors for personnel and property. And from an environmental point of view, clear principles allow us to take greater responsibility for our impact on the environment. Among other things through improved procedures for the handling of hazardous substances.

Read our purchase conditions.

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