We are far ahead in terms of customer-specific production. The aluminium alloys we produce are customized for each customer.

Our processes are continually being developed and are subject to thorough analysis and extensive quality control checks: from the moment we receive the raw material, during the entire processing stage and up to the time of delivery. All of these steps mean that we can guarantee uniform high quality and security of supply of aluminium alloys.

All aluminium alloys should be adapted based on the requirements of each customer on the properties of the products. As a customer, you can always be certain you will receive the right alloy at the right time, so that in turn you can deliver high quality parts to your customers.

Our aluminium alloys are mainly used in the automotive, electronics, engineering and furniture industries. We produce a couple of hundred different alloys with varying properties in terms of the conductivity, heat conductivity, resistance to corrosion, strength, polishability, breaking strength, yield limit, machinability, weldability and much, much more.

We deliver most of our aluminium alloys as ingots, but also as liquid aluminium. 


The ingots are stacked in bundles that will be strapped together for more efficient handling. Below you can see dimensions and weights on our aluminium ingots. Please note that some deviations may occur.





7,7 kg

60 mm

620 mm

90 mm


We are the first producer in the Nordic region to deliver liquid aluminium. The concept of aluminium in liquid form has significant cost benefits and is also beneficial for the environment.

The liquid aluminium is delivered in large crucibles that maintain the heat during transportation from the smelting plant to the customer. Each crucible holds approximately eight tonnes. In Sweden we can deliver up to three crucibles in one single delivery.

A full truck with liquid aluminium allows us to save approximately two tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time saves energy compared to delivering the same quantity of aluminium in ingot form.

If you would like to know more about the deliveries of liquid aluminium, contact the Marketing Department.

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