Operational policy




Stena Aluminium is the leading producer of recycled aluminium for the foundry industry in the Nordic countries. The business is operated from the plant in Ă„lmhult.
Our operations shall be characterized by a positive, safe and enriching working environment, as well as active environmental management, with an ambition to reduce the organization's environmental impact and with a clear focus on contributing to the success of our customers.

We should: 

  • comply with the laws, directives, requirements and expectations from the authorities, customers, owners and other stakeholders that affect the company
  • with clear goals, conduct occupational health and safety, environmental and quality management that strives for continuous improvements
  • maintain high awareness of these matters throughout the organization so that work can be performed in a responsible, safe and efficient manner
  • observe and improve the working environment and quality aspects in all processes and activities, and conduct regular follow-up
  • provide facts and documentation regarding the working environment, as well as environmental and quality management, to stakeholders and be open to their opinions
  • conduct continuous follow-up and ensure that the organization is being developed within the framework of this policy.


We expect every employee to:

  • participate actively in safety work, including safety walks
  • find out about, understand and carry out work in accordance with the specific environmental requirements of each workplace
  • ensure that we live up to our customers’ requirements and expectations
  • actively contribute to continuous improvements
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