Environmental report

We want to be a sustainable business partner. Therefore, we invest continuously in solutions to provide us with more environmentally friendly production and management or raw materials and waste.


Our operations have a positive impact on the environment. By producing aluminium from recycled raw material we help to save 95% in energy consumption compared with manufacturing aluminium from virgin raw material.

We work actively to minimize our and our customers' impact on the climate by increasing the efficiency and reducing sources of emissions in the form of lower energy consumption and fewer journeys. A good example of this work is our deliveries of liquid aluminium, where each delivery saves approximately two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Every year we produce an environmental report showing the continuous work to find new ways to minimize our environmental impact.

You can read in our most recent environmental report what aluminium is used in various walks of life, the environmental benefits of recycling aluminium and the different stages in our production of aluminium alloys.

You can read the report in pdf format here

You can also order printed copies, either by filling out the form on this page, or by e-mailing info@stenaaluminium.com. Write “Environmental Report“ in the subject line and specify how many copies and which language or languages you require. Also don’t forget to leave your name and address.

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