Material classification facilitates all aluminium business

The aim of “Material Classification” is to facilitate cooperation between our buyers and suppliers of aluminium raw material.

“Material Classification” in combination with “Purchase Conditions Raw Materials” work as simplified manuals and reciprocal regulations in all business with aluminium.

“Material Classification” and “Purchase Conditions Raw Materials” are from 2009 and replace all older 'scrap books'. The classification rules and raw material specifications are largely based on the European standards for aluminium scrap (A1 3920).

101 New unalloyed colorless   419 Skimmings primary alloy
102 New unalloyed wire/line   420 Skimmings Si-alloyed
104 Offset sheet   425 Skimmings mixed alloys
121 Unalloyed colored    
140 Unalloyed granulate max 0.10% mek Cu    
141 Unalloyed granulate max 0.50% mek Cu    
160 Ferralina    
201 New foil colorless   501 Filings low-alloy
202 New alloy colorless   502 Filings low alloy briquetted
203 New profiles colorless   520 Shavings Si-alloyed
221 New foil colored   521 Shavings Si-alloy briquetted
222 New alloy colored   529 Shavings Zn-alloy
223 New profiles colored   530 Shavings Zn-alloy briquetted
224 ISO profiles   532 Shavings mixed alloys
240 Cooling element   536 Shavings mixed alloys briquetted
300 Cu-alloy   600 New casting scrap Si-alloy
303 Zn-alloy   601 New casting scrap mixed alloys
305 New alloy mixed alloys   610 Cast fragmented and floated
310 Sheet metal and casting scrap fragmented   620 Casting waste Si-alloy
311 Sheet metal scrap fragmented   625 Casting waste mixed alloys
314 Combustion material   650 Cast fragmented and floated
318 Light fraction from fragmentation   660 Old casting scrap mixed alloys
320 Cans, UBC    
323 Old sheet metal scrap mixed alloys    
340 Refrigerator fragmented
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